Papagomo a ‘phantom voter’, claims PKR

Pro-Umno blogger Papagomo is a phantom voter, who can vote both in Ampang and Wangsa Maju, PKR claimed today.

This is based on searches the party conducted on the Election Commission (EC) website using the identity card (IC) numbers of Papagomo, or Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, yesterday.

NONEAccording to PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli (left), Wan Muhammad Azri possesses two ICs – a police IC from when he was a corporal in the traffic police, and a civilian IC.

Papagomo was suspended from duty and convicted of corruption, and the decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal last year.

Rafizi claims checks had shown that the addresses on the two ICs belong to the same person, adding this proves Pakatan Rakyat’s claim over the existence of phantom voters.

“The only difference is the birth date in both searches in the EC (website), but we are confident he is the same person as provided in the screen capture with addresses in Danau Apartment and Taman Bukit Ampang.

“This finding shows the existence of phantom voters, with Papagomo being allowed to vote twice,” Rafizi said.

He called on the EC to explain the matter and state “how many individuals like Papagomo, who likes to slander political opponents, are given an opportunity to vote”.

‘Both are the same person’

Rafizi said the party is certain that despite the differing ICs, both are the same person.

This, he claimed, is based on court documents about Papagomo’s conviction of corruption and the handing of the letter of demand by Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyers based on the civilian’s IC.

“When the documents were served, Papagomo immediately commented on the blog over the letter of demand,” he said.

“I have personally asked several individuals in Ampang, and they remember Muhammad Azri as the corporal who had served there. At least three people I have met, confirmed this.”

NONERafizi said checks have also shown that Papagomo (right) uses the true address for mailing.

The PKR director of strategy alleges to have court documents to back his claims and would not hesitate in showing them in the future.

The question is – following Wan Muhammad Azri’s conviction or suspension – why has he been allowed to hold two identity cards, and also have voting rights.

“He may have voted twice in 2008, and if not stopped, he may do that again in 2013. This is something which the EC has to answer,” he said.

The Police and the National Registration Department have said that Rafizi should also elaborate further on the matter.

Yesterday, N Surendran filed a RM100 million suit on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim against Papagomo after the latter failed to abide by the letter of demand which had been sent to the blogger’s home in Taman Danau Kota.

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